Open women Bulgarian championship has a 20-year-old tradition. But in 2006 Vratsa was a hospitable host of the tournament for the first time. The ambition of the local club, with the cooperation of the Bulgarian Chess Federation and the Vratsa Municipality, was to return the old fame of the emblematic tournament for Bulgaria. For that reason, a lot of effort has been made and a lot was succeeded – a suitable playing hall has been provided, a variety of hotels for staying has been offered to the guests, an official web site has been created with live games during the championship. Thousands players have been watching the live games via the web site.

The golden wreath of the thracian princess. It is placed in the Historical museum in Vratsa.

The name was choosed, because the Thracian princess is a symbol of the town. The princess is famous because of her golden wreath, found in one of the old Thracian treasures from 4BC in Mogilan mound. The mound is placed about 50 metres away from the playing hall and gives the answer to all questions about the name of the tournament.That is why the logo of the tournament is depicting the wreath.
From the chess point of view, the tournament achieved other goal - it gives the chance for norms for international titles. The aim of the organizers has always been to invite enough players from abroad and players with high rating and titles. Through the years some of the participants are: Margarita Voiska (multiple Bulgarian champion), Suzana Maksimovic, Irina Chelushkina and Ana Benderac (national players from Serbia), Irina Ionescu (Romania). Women Internationa Masters Angela Dragomirescu, Corina George (Romania), Gabriela Koskoska (Macedonia), Irina Bulmaga (Moldova) and other good chessplayers. A lot of young players have the chance to compete with the experience and to grow in competition. Some of them won norms, some were a pleasure to be seen how they grow up in their chess.

The winners during the years:

  • 2006 – Adriana Nikolova;
  • 2007 – Pavlina Chilingirova;
  • 2008 – Irina Bulmaga;
  • 2009 – Elitsa Raeva;
  • 2010 – Elitsa Raeva.

    Participants and organizers of the 2010 edition of the tournament. At the centre is the winner Elitsa Raeva.